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    We list here some common questions and troubleshooting advice. If you have other problems, please get in touch with the S.O.S. helpdesk at the Computer Service (Servicio de Informática y Comunicaciones).

Eduroam and other unsupported devices.

    You can find more information about eduroam and how to connect with other devices, on Spanish eduroam forum.

My system does not detect any wireless network.

    If your laptop (or other portable computer) or its network card has an aerial, ensure that it is extended. Check too that the wireless network card is turned on; with some computers it is necessary to activate the wireless network by a combination of keys.

    It is also possible that there is no ReInUS coverage in your current location. Check the coverage zones.

Using Windows Vista, can I connect to the eduroam SSID?

    Yes. There is a specific version of the SecureW2 client for Windows Vista. More info in Configuration of SecureW2 in Windows Vista.

Securew2 client tracelog file.

    For Windows advanced users only. Do not do this unless you are completely sure of what you are doing.

    If you use Securew2 client to connect to SSID eduroam you may get a tracelog file. Follow these instructions: Open the system registry and set to "1" the following entries.

  • Autenthication and configuration in Windows 2K/XP:

  • Configuration in WIndows Vista:

  • Installation:

    The tracelog file is created in %windir%\tracing (usually c:\WINDOWS\tracing).

More information about SecureW2.

    If you have any problem installing, configuring or using SecureW2 client, there is a SecureW2 Forum available.

I cannot connect to the network after having introduced my user and key.

    Verify that your credentials (name, domain, password) are correct and try again. Remember to use your virtual user name and key (including the domain-name, e.g.,@us.es). If you do not belong to the University of Seville, you will need to use your name and key of e-mail (including @ and your organization's domain).

Where can I find more information about the virtual user of University of Seville?

    Click here.

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