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    The University of Seville has created ReInUS (REd INalámbrica de la U niversidad de Sevilla, Radio network of University of Seville) to facilitate access to wireless services which it sees as of cardinal importance. ReInUS allows the University community to connect to its network (RIUS) from anywhere (e.g., libraries, classrooms, departments, leisure rooms, open spaces, etc.) -- without being physically connected -- using WiFi technology. You just have to be in the coverage area of a particular ReInUS antenna. This allows better and fuller access to the University network and to the Internet, eliminating access problems where otherwise one would need to connect using a cable in a room that had available and accessible sockets.

    University wireless networks are usually a complement to the standard wired networks rather than a substitute. It is necessary to bear in mind that the services and security provided by the wired network of the University of Seville are currently better than those provided by the wireless network.

    The University is part of the international Eduroam (educational roaming) initiative. This scheme provides and facilitates inter-institutional roamingówireless network access when one is away at another institution that also uses Eduroam. Visitors from other universities that are also part of Eduroam can use their remote credentials to access ReInUS, and similarly, our members have easy access to Wifi when visiting sites that also belong to Eduroam. The access is designed to be transparent and independent.

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